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Montana Pizza Oven

Montana Pizza Oven



– 1 Montana Evo Oven
– External measures: 72 cm x 72 cm x 45 cm
– Interior measures: 60 cm x 60 cm x 26 cm
– Weight: 59 kg
– Stainless steel 304 and 430
– Carbon steel cover
– Thermo lacquered painting
– Chimney tube 50cm stainless steel 304, diameter 120 mm
– Stainless steel chimney cap 304, diameter 120 mm
– 4 rubber high temperature feet of high temperature 0.8 mm
– Stainless steel coal ember
– 4 refractory stones 30 x 30 x 3cm
– Inlet valve (It is possible to attach a gas burner, available at our acessories section)
– 500ºC thermometer

Half moon door:
– Measures: 52 x 22cm
– Stainless 430
– Ventilation
– Thermo-ceramic glass
– Pine wood handle
– Gas burner valve


Montana EVO is an oven created especially for family use. This oven allows you to cook any type of meal, even in a downward heat flow (the kind of heat needed to bake bread).

It is an all-stainless steel oven, with all the cuts made with laser and all the pieces welded together, as well as several reinforcement bars to avoid excessive expansion of the stainless steel.

The Montana EVO pizza oven is a really cracking oven that provides the serious pizza lover with the opportunity to cook two stone-baked pizzas at the same time in less than 90 seconds and is still completely portable! It has a large internal area measuring 60x60cm. It only weighs 59kg so it can be either built-in or placed on a table/ stand, meaning that it can be easily moved around your garden. It will even fit into the boot of your car (fits into a hatchback boot such as a VW Golf). The oven burns logs/ kindling and reaches its best heat using seasoned or kiln-dried wood.

This is a perfect solution for a pizza party, celebrations, or family meals.

Take advantage of our special offer where the last few remaining ovens cost only £595!

£25 shipping within the local area

£100 shipping all around the UK

Colours available: black


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