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Due to their extremely low moisture content, they burn hotter and longer than both seasoned and green logs. They require less energy to burn off residual moisture, therefore more energy goes into heat!

Plus, they’re also much more efficient, as  everything is burnt (even the gasses) due to the high temperatures and they help the environment as they produce much less smoke than unseasoned wood, meaning cleaner air… Result!!!

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to what they want to burn in their stove, but there are a few basic points that may help you make your decision….
Ash = This one is classed as the overall best burner. It doesn’t take long to get going and when it does it burns nice and hot with a large flame for quite some time. Perfect for stove use!
Oak = The longest burner out of them all. However it sometimes can take a while to get going due to how dry the wood is and produces smaller flames.
Beech = Great for starting a fire! Although this one burns considerably faster than Ash and Oak, its great to get the fire going (large flames)  or for that quick burst of heat!