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This pack contains 24 HotBlocks. Packaging can be recycled after use.

Not all briquettes compare well against HotBlocks though and here’s why!

We carry out checks before the waste wood goes into our shredders to ensure that it conforms to our quality standards. We don’t use contaminated timber or non-wood materials such as MDF, chipboard or other types of particle board. Wherever possible any traces of these materials are excluded.

We dry the chips in our own purpose built ovens to ensure that HotBlocks have a consistent moisture content of less than 10%. No adhesives or binding agents are used to “stick” the chips together; it is purely the pressure applied in the mould that forms the chips into the block shape and because they are formed under such huge pressure they are much more dense than logs too!

Many briquettes will expand significantly when they burn and this can pose a safety risk in certain situations. We researched this problem thoroughly and selected a block shaped briquette which is moulded in one single action by our machines, rather than by an extrusion process. Combining a single action mould this along with our low moisture content and mixed chip sizes minimises any expansion, reduces the risk of spitting and ensures a long consistent burn. The blend of fine and course chips also makes them easier to light as well!

Weight: 20kg approx.

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This pack contains 24 HotBlocks