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Coffee Logs
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Coffee Logs


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dried coffee grounds

Turning the world’s coffee waste into something valuable

Coffee Logs are made in the UK by bio-bean Ltd, an award-winning clean technology company, founded in 2013 on the firm belief that there is no such thing as waste, only resources in the wrong place. We’re the first in the world to industrialise the process of recycling waste coffee grounds into sustainable, high-performance products. We work with the existing waste management system to collect used coffee grounds from urban businesses within the UK where there is a high concentration of waste coffee grounds.

We are passionate about our vision, values and people. We aim to be sustainable in everything we do, from the way we manufacture and the way we do business, to the way we treat our people.

Coffee Logs burn time and heat output


Coffee Logs are ideal in stoves, but can be used in open fires too. They burn best when undisturbed and can be used instead of or alongside wood and other fuels.

Recycled coffee grounds


bio-bean recycles thousands of tonnes of waste coffee grounds every year from cafes, restaurants and offices. Each Coffee Log is made from 25 cups of coffee – that’s 400 in each bag!

Let Recycled Coffee Warm Your Home

Coffee Logs are eco heating briquettes perfect for woodburners and stoves.

Made in the UK, Coffee Logs are made from your recycled coffee grounds. In fact, each Coffee Log is made from the grounds of 25 cups of coffee!

Typically, coffee grounds go to landfill where they emit methane, a greenhouse gas 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide. By recycling coffee grounds into Coffee Logs, we generate 80% less emissions than if the grounds are sent to landfill.

Coffee Logs Burn Efficiently

Coffee Logs are ideally suited to burn in multi-fuel stoves and wood burners with well-managed air flow, where each Coffee Log will burn for approximately an hour. It’s best to consult your appliance guidelines to optimise the burn time. We recommend adding no more than three Coffee Logs at a time as they kick out a lot of heat.

Coffee Logs can be used on their own or together with dry wood.

Coffee Logs size


Wood Type

Ash, Birch, Oak